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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is where the painting began.

This is where the painting ended.

This was a very challenging one and I got so caught up in it I neglected to get pictures of the process. However, the changes were rather subtle, and mostly involved a whole lot of wiping off the paint I had just applied, leaving a hint of a wash behind.
This is the last in this particular batch of mixed media pieces in my Calabria Series. There will be more but I have painted all the stitched fabric collages that I made over the course of the past year, very sporadically. I am looking forward to discovering what comes next...but we will have to wait and see...

Calabria. Towns clinging to cliffsides. Tumbling down palazzos. Medieval towns, survivors of earthquakes and wars. Pastiche of new over old. Antiquated charm and contemporary beauty. Decay and regeneration. Poverty and riches. Warmth, suspicion, simplicity, duplicity. A land of stark contrasts and beautiful colours. A magical land.


  1. Wow! Both beautiful. One subtle, one glossy. I'm voting for the finished, subtle teal and magenta. It has more meaning to it than step 1.
    Lynne, I hope you have a wonderful, revitalizing break and hope to hear from you from time to time. I'll be checking! LOVE xxox

  2. Hi Margaret, Thanks for taking the time to comment on my "last" painting. It is, as you noted, layered with meaning and I'm glad you picked up on that.

    I will definitely be in touch throughout my stay here! There are no pals quite like blog pals!

  3. I'm sure I left a comment here...and now I'm wondering where I have been and commented cos obviously it ain't here...have put my glass down somewhere too....

  4. I hope this doesn't indicate that all my paintings are beginning to look the same to you, Saj! No, surely not. Perhaps you're just having a bit of trouble focusing...for some reason. I think you left your glass in the back of the van when I drove you home before I headed west.