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Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Pink

As easy as 1-2-3

Stage 1: A pleasing fabric collage in itsef

Stage 2: Some atmosphere established

Stage 3: All elements are integrated

Big Pink
(18 x 24", acrylic, fabric, photo transfer on canvas)


  1. Delicious ~

    Thought you might be interested - if you are not already aware of - Cut & Paste

  2. Very interesting to see the stages. I like the transitions itself but the last at least gives reason to the name. :-)

  3. Driftwood! Happy to see that you're still alive! I was wondering if FCW had done you in.

    I am happy that you find my art pieces tasty! Licking your computer screen is also useful for keeping it clean.

    I am not familiar with cutandpaste site but look forward to perusing it as I am always on the lookout for good procrastinatory activities.

  4. Hi Bev, Yes, the main colour is definitely in the realm of pink. I named the picture after that old Band album from the late 1960s that was really popular. I couldn't get the hue quite right in my photo but you get the idea.

    This "building" and its tones really says "Tropea" to me. In fact, in the top left side, you can see a signora gazing out from the shutters of her Tropea apartment. Fond memories!

  5. Ah, the Big Pink hasn't looked so good since Rick Danko departed this earth...

  6. These have such a wonderful fairytale quality to them. I really enjoy seeing them develop in steps.

  7. Its beautiful
    I love the colors :)

  8. Oh actually, thats NOT what I meant...I actually meant that the Big Pink hasn't looked so good since I watched the video with Rick Danko still in it. He was one luscious Canadian!!

  9. Hi Robin, That's a lovely description to have applied to this piece. "Fairytale quality"--I love it. It hadn't occurred to me. Thank you!

  10. Hi Anya, I'm happy that my colours make you happy! I had fun playing with some bright hues for a change.

  11. Hey Saj, I remember when Big Pink came out, so to speak. When the album was released. The first time I heard it was at a party and it was absolutely thrilling.

    Did you ever see the film "The Last Waltz"? I thought Robbie Robertson was stunningly gorgeous in it. I think he was at the peak of his good looks.

    Levon Helm has a new record out. They only ever play one cut from it on the radio, which I listen to when I'm painting in the afternoon. It's a good rousing tune about dying...excellent to have played at one's funeral (must make a note) always makes me put down my paintbrush and dance!

  12. Have I ever seen The Last Waltz? If I have seen it once I've seen it a hundred times, it is one of those DVDs that comes out after a few too many at our house and we all sing along etc, just LOVE it. I intend having the title tune played at my funeral - plus we have the soundtrack, plus I got Levon's book (Wheels on Fire, have you read it? Its interesting to town and back!!)
    I have seen that new album in the stores here so will get my "a" into 'G' and go get it on your recommendation. I have got a couple of his others as well. So sad about young Rick tho'. Yet another one who got away from me....

  13. Hi Lynne! I'm starting to follow the progression of these pieces now. By the time it's finished, the colors are muted, the lines flow, the texture gives dimension--it's perfect! I love the rich teal which makes the Big Pink stand out.
    btw, I loved the grand opening party! Just hope I didn't drink too much champagne... LOVE xxox

  14. Hey Saj! I'm looking forward to having one too many at your house and singing along with the DVD of the Last Waltz. Knitting is optional. Actually, not recommended while drinking, I've found. I haven't read Levon's book. Will have to hunt it up (or down). I only hope the rest of his new album is as good as the one tune they constantly play. But if you're such a fan, it's sure to please.

    I just heard today about a project Neil Finn had going & the album's out now...When Seven Worlds Collide??? I suppose you know all about it?? Seems intriguing. All sorts of musicians got together to make it at the Finn compound.

    Now I really want to watch The Last Waltz. It's been years since I've seen the whole thing. But really, I should be waltzing myself off to bed just now. G'night!

  15. Hi Margaret, Let me assure you that you were absolutely charming at the opening party. I especially loved it when you climbed up on the table and belted out, "New York New York"!

    And I see that the champagne did not affect your powers of observation, which are right on about how the paintings proceed. I'm glad you like the pink and turquoise; one of my fave colour combos.

    BTW--I think you left without your shoes. ;-)

  16. Thanks for your visit in Avignon, much appreciated.

    I find it absolutely fascinating to follow you in your creative process. What a great idea to take pictures in the various stages of your work ! I browsed way back through your blog and really enjoyed getting the hang of it.


  17. Bonjour, Natalie--
    Thanks for coming all the way over from Avignon! I frequently stop by there to see the sights you capture for us all.

    I'm happy to hear you browsed through several postings here to get the "hang" (not to be punny)of my process. Even though I have a certain approach, it always feels like flying by the seat of my pants!

    À la prochaine. lc

  18. I just noticed you added my blog :) thank you. I have added yours, your blog and work is very inspiring.
    all the best
    Corrine aka Jafabrit

  19. Thanks, Corrine! I was going to drop you a line at your blog today inviting you over, but I'm about to go away for a month so I thought it would be a bit rude to ask you over and then leave! But I'll be back...and meantime I will be checking what you're up to on your blog. I noticed you're interested in combing paint with fabric...

  20. yes, that and incorporating my embroidery into an assemblage. I really responded to your integration of elements in your work, beautifully done technically and visually stunning.
    Hope you have a great trip and I will pop back for sure. Had a peek at your website too (seems we both have a passion for a variety of media).
    ta ta for now
    regards Corrine aka Jafarbit

  21. JafaBrit:
    Variety is the spice of art!