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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Off Looking at Art Elsewhere

I'm heading west, as the crow flies, all the way to Vancouver. I'll be back here in November, though I might send some postcards from time to time. I've left you a "parting shot" in the post below.

Ciao ciao ciao!!!


  1. Ciao
    Have a nice trip :))

  2. Careful, I've seen crows that don't fly that straight ;)

  3. Wonderful! Hope you brought your umbrella! Enjoy!

  4. Anya- Thanks for the send-off! The trip, so far, is very nice indeed.

    Bill- Maybe I should have said I was making a bee-line for the coast? In any event, I made it: Hear me crow!

    Patricia- Thanks! Excellent advice I will be sure to follow.

    JoMo- I keep a brolly at my mother's house for my visits home. But I also brought sandals.

  5. I know, I'm late...have a great trip (seems you are anyway from the 'postcards' we're getting!)

  6. Thanks, Saj. Will have to find something arty to post here.