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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Picture's Worth...

how many thousand?

(as The Sagittarian would say, "Click to embiggen." )


(Thanks to Anya who posted the link to "" in a comment she left over at Sparkle Mirror's blog.)


  1. :)
    Also playing today ... LOL
    But your painting looks
    great ART in those gallery ;)

    (That orange graphic from
    Kareltje was also make
    with PhotoMontager .... :)

    Have a lovely day

  2. Hi Anya,
    I foresee more fun happening with me and PhotoMontager in the future! Thanks for sharing the info. and stopping by the gallery. I think they're selling cat treats in the gift shop...

  3. You're kidding! You created the Gallery? You even have viewers?! Get these pieces d'art to a real gallery! You'll get real money!! They are that good! LOVE

  4. Hello again, Margaret
    I'm intending to contact galleries and get a show but first of all need to get the bulk of the series under my belt. It's been a number of years since I've exhibited my work, so it's kind of like getting back to square one. Thanks for your vote of confidence!

  5. Oh, you're right, Lynne, you need a portfolio before you approach a gallery. But it'll be great, and I'm coming!

  6. Okay. Your name is on the guest list, Margaret!

  7. Funny that herringbone oak parquet looks suspiciously like the Louvre... is there something you haven't been telling us??? I can't quite make out the writing on the label under the painting, even after "embiggening" the image... hmm I wonder what it say... and better embiggening than empiggening I guess... thanks a ton and a half, or even 16 tons for all the tips and info and whatnot... much appreciated. Can't wait to see more of what you're producing these days, I agree with Margaret, it's awful darn good. Hope to own some someday if I ever become filthy rich... well, not holding my breath, don't hold yours either. Anyway, it's hard to hold one's breath while drinking Jacky D. One requires deep breaths while partaking of such strong liquids... Wow, your painting looks like it's at least six feet tall...

    So, haven't heard about your reading list for a while, I forget whether you said you got through some more Fowles ? Did you get to The Ebony Tower ???

  8. Mon Dieu Owen! Wait, I don't mean that you're my god...I mean OMG--Owen--you actually recognize the flooring from the Louvre?? Is it a guy thing? A friend of mine, when visiting an Acadian historical village, spent hours investigating the types of nails and joining that had been used in doors, floors, etc. We were all thoroughly exasperated with him by the end of the day.

    I haven't painted a 6 foot painting since I was at art school, back in the Disco Days. It was a huge full frontal female nude. I wonder where she is now...Yikes--she's out there somewhere with my name on her!

    Not being a "name" artist, or even known beyond a tiny circle, my paintings aren't expensive, so maybe one day you will own one.

    This Memento Mori one made me think of you because of the Grateful Dead (skull) + the grave photo. Not to say that I find you macabre. Although, I did have a visit from you in a dream this morning and while we were chatting someone drove by on a ride-on lawnmower and then blew up! All that was left was his head. I wonder what an analyst would make of that.

    I forgot about the Ebony Tower! I'll put in a reqest at the village library. Right now I'm reading "Barney's Version" by Mordecai Richler and really enjoying it. It goes back and forth btwn.Paris in the '50s and Montreal in the late '90s. Irascible old character spinning his yarn. I just finished "The Sweetest Dream" by Doris Lessing, tracing the lives of an unusual British family with Communist leanings. I recommend both books, though I doubt you have much reading time. Especially as you'll be busy setting up your website and working on your gallery proposals!

  9. OK, so you're the first one for me to visit after my short stint away, and you've delved into the photomontager before I have! I am waiting until I make the rounds before getting to this new toy... I'll try to keep a level head and possibly spread out the fun with little increments of time...
    Love this creation of yours! Apparently so did the curator of this museum!
    David ;)

  10. David, I am honoured at being "your first"! And smirking bigtime for having got to Photomontager before you--though I'm sure you'll do WAAAAAAAAYYYY more with it. Do remember to come up for air from time to time!

    I'm happy to have the Sparkle Mirror stamp of Approval on this piece as well.

    Am looking forward now to what you might cook up in photomontmadness.