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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Maxim of the Week

Cynthia tried to look nonchalant as she waited, holding her toy sail boat, for her boyfriend to show up for their rendez-vous in the park.
Good things come to those who wait.


  1. Love the bright colours here! I'm waiting for The Stud to get me a drink...
    Oh and my WV is 'numbl', how apt!

  2. We wish her joy but she should put a spinnaker on her sailboat. Without this she may be clew-less and a ring, if she wishes one, requires a clew. It also ensures that the luff will expand as it should.

  3. Ah yes, waiting to be served a drink: an excellent illustration of this maxim!

    I love my box of watercolours. As you mentioned, they are wonderfully bright and are made in Russia.

    I wonder what the Russian equivalent of "Cheers!" is?

  4. Ahoy FCW! Buoy oh buoy--thanks for sharing your nautical but nice knowledge with our clewless heroine. She said it was luffly to hear from you and that your advice is still ringing in her ears. However, she doesn't want to rock the boat with the boyfriend too much just yet in case it makes his head spinnaker. She's afraid of being left high and dry-docked. I believe she said he's "in sails."

  5. Cheers in Russian is
    Приветственные восклицания

    followed with loud noise of breaking glass (as opposed to wind I guess...)

  6. And the same to you, Saj! (however one says it) Good thing we've been drinking from plastic containers and shoes in my studio as it saves all the mess of broken glass.