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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Into The Mythic

Getting a little off topic here, but Susan over at My2K posted a reference to the connection between Boticelli's painting of The Birth of Venus and linked it to a similar Mayan myth concerning the Birth of the Corn Goddess. This brought to mind my own version:

The Legendary Birth of Rita St-Jacques
aka Rita on the Half-Shell
(acrylic on canvas, framed in a lobster trap rib found on a beach in the Maritimes)

This version features my two working class heroines, Rita and Betty, who were born into the pre-ordained, inescapable life of being seasonal workers at the local lobster plant. Here we see the buxom Rita, clasping a lobster and crab to modestly cover her lovely endowments, accepting the Sacred Mantle of the Lobster Processor (otherwise known as a uniform) from the fair-haired Betty.


  1. Oh, yeah, now that you mention it, I knew I'd seen that somewhere before! I love yours more than Boticelli's.

  2. I love it! Especially the bit about being seasonal workers (now there's a hint for you about how I spend my working day!!) I the only naughty girl to giggle at the site for the crab??

  3. That's hilarious, Lynne! The lobster trap is perfect. not to mention the uniform, as in the original's cloak... too funny!

  4. I love it,
    Its wonderful ART :)
    Very special !!

  5. Anonymous9/14/2009

    So funny, I love it!

  6. Susan,
    Mine over the Botticelli?! I am deeply honoured.

  7. Saj,
    You caught my drift!

  8. Margaret,
    I'm so glad you get my sense of humour. It has offended some, on occasion!

  9. Anya,
    It's great that you describe my humble offering as ART with capital letters!

  10. Julie-ann,
    I'm pleased to have provided you with a laugh. That's the perfect response.

  11. Anonymous9/14/2009

    Thanks for your lovely comment here also. I am spoilt! Thank you. Really makes a special gift.

  12. Hi Lynne

    I love your Birth of Rita...rising our of her gumboots...

    Happy Days

  13. Thanks, Delwyn. Perhaps the scene wasn't really inspired by true events, but the gumboots certainly were!

    Happy Days to you, too!