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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Evolution of a Painting

Material glued to canvas, a quick swipe of paint to get going...

Let's get the whole background covered up, using the purple tone from a bit of the fabric...

Now for a bit of heat and movement...

Hmmm, I'm liking this. The colours are pleasing; but it's rather busy.

What if I stick on a bolder central image and flip the canvas sideways, continuing with several applications and removal of washes. Still not quite a cohesive whole, though...

Okay, so now the colours are quietened down, the shapes better defined, more depth added and generally the whole thing flows and feels "right" to me. Basta!
Il Centro Storico, La Notte
(18 x 24" mixed media on canvas)


  1. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I would believe it was 6 different works if you didn't demonstrate. And I love all 6. The colors are different, the moods are different. Just like a real house - going through different owners and paint jobs and years. Very cool.

  2. Oh, that is so funny! The first words out of my mouth were, "That is absolutely amazing!" And then I saw what Susan wrote! Great minds think alike, Susan! Once again, I like the simplicity and collage look of Step 1; by the time I get to three, I think, "Oh no. that's taken a wrong turn!" And by the final Step 6, I've found it to be magnifica! Flipping it sideways really made it. It's now like a several-storied buiding in Rome, la notte. The mesh you continue to use adds so much texture and depth. Getting close to a show! xx

  3. Its very beautiful art today,
    I love the colors its very special

  4. Interesting to see how it developed from the beginning - I really like how you'be vuilt up the texture and depth.

  5. Hi this blog is full of art, art has no borders.

    Greetings from creativity and imagination photos of Jose Ramon

  6. Hi Susan,
    That's a wonderful analogy, about a house going through many renos. I think this could be a good selling point: 6 paintings for the price of 1! I must say, it feels very good to have "amazing" applied to my work! Thank you!

    Hi Margaret,
    You're not the only one who thought I might have taken a wrong turn at step 3! It was a bit of a bold move. I tried valiantly to keep the painting horizontal because of the doors and windows but I much preferred the composition vertically, so I had to make the necessary adjustments. It's such a relief when it all gets to "si"!

    Hi Anya,
    I'm happy that you find this painting beautiful and special.
    Thank you so much!

    Hi J,
    I'm happy to hear it was worth the time I took to record the stages of this painting. It was a little bit like having someone looking over my shoulder as I painted, but I thought it could be interesting for others to see my "technique" (haha...groping in the dark is more like it). I'm also happy that the texture and depth show up enough here to be remarked. Thanks!

    Ola, José Ramon!
    I'm very happy to have a visitor from Spain. I lived in Granada for 3 months, a long time ago and absolutely loved what I saw of Spain. Isn't it wonderful that we can speak the universal language of art! Muchas gracias.

  7. Love the transformations.

  8. Thanks, Elizabeth. If only transformations were as easy to accomplish in other aspects of one's life!

  9. I took the Scowly Teen to The Drawing Room yesterday, its an art supply shop brimming with arty farty treasures. She was in heaven but only had $10 to spend, she got some graphite pencils and on the way out we stopped to admire a wonderful piece of art which reminded me of you! How's that then eh? I bit of netting and painted bubble-wrap got you thought about in Christchurch on a sunny Monday afternoon. :-)
    I love seeing how your works of art come together, like watching a butterfly emerge from a manky ol' chrysalis! Right, gotta go and open the bar...what'll you have today then?

  10. Hi Saj! So that's why my ears were burning were thinking of me. All the way away in Christchurch. How lovely is that. Looking at manky art, was it?

    I've been imbibing some celebratory champers over at Owen's birthday blogparty but I'm ready for whatever you've got up your sleeve...or in your shoe!

  11. oh dear, I didn't mean your art is manky at much bubbly had you got into at Owen's? I hope you don't drink and paint??
    MY WV today 'demum' as in when I go drink champers I demum (and become human)

  12. I'm glad you took the time to stop and take a few pix of this works progress. Nice to know that there are others out there who suddenly flip their whole pieces around for a fresh view of things. Nice blog - I'm inspired to follow :)

  13. Hi Bill,
    I'm so glad you've joined in! It's not easy to remember to take pix in progress so it's great that the effort is appreciated. As for flipping a canvas, I find that so exciting/inspiring. I wish I wasn't so constrained with this series to stick to the orientation I start with, due to the incorporated photos. As ever, a learning process.