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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Studio Views

View to the back yard

View to the front yard and street

View to the side yard

I am lucky enough to have what was formerly a large kitchen as my studio. It's on the 2nd floor of our house, which was once made into a duplex, but we reconverted it to a single dwelling. The tall windows let in lots of light--sometimes too much...but the way summer's going, it's not that much of a problem. The one thing that's lacking in my studio is wall space. An artist needs a place to hang up her finished pieces to look at them from a distance, assess them, live with them for awhile. I do what I can with stacking things around the room and on top of each other and all over any available flat surface (I have 3 desks). The best solution would be to sell all my work!
Coming soon--my own space on Etsy?


  1. I love glimpses into people's studios.
    Yours looks so countryfied and a delight.
    Greetings from the city.

  2. And I love glimpses into the city! I enjoy my vicarious visits to NYC via your blog.