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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Stamp Whisperer

Here is the 2nd in what has suddenly turned into a Stamp Series. I had one stamp that I really liked of a Jack Bush painting so made up a little fabric piece to showcase it (see here). Then recently, while sifting through a pile of supplies on one of my desks, I came across this Year of the Rat stamp that I had kept for future use in something. So it looks like I'm on my way to making a series with Canadian stamps. Not just any old stamp, though. It has to "speak" to me (just call me "The Stamp Whisperer"). I know I unearthed an Anne of Green Gables one while looking for something else and she seemed pretty keen on becoming part of the series.

If you know me at all, you'll know that I can't just leave well enough alone once I've got a material piece finished. I simply must muck about with it in Photoshop. Here's the piece with dear Ratty cropped right out of existence. I think it would make a very nice blog banner.

And in case I've been whispering too softly for the damn thing to hear me, this is what happens when it gets yelled to Photoshop: it gets turned right into wallpaper!


  1. Hi and thank you so much for visting my blog! Your work is absolutely stunning! I will add you to my faveorites. The little caravan is rather lovely, isn't it?
    Lovely to meet you,
    Liz xxxx

  2. Buskitten, I'm so pleased you found your way to my studio! I think I'll tuck you and Tiddles in with this creative lot here. Tiddles might enjoy rummaging through my cupboards! And I do love that caravan!!