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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Children tend to "grow up" too fast in these times, wanting to emulate those they consider "cool."

c.2014 LCiacco Another rebel Without a Cause. Digital art.

 I wonder if it's the same in other humanoid species , such as the horned family I have been documenting in recent posts.

Joining in the fun at Take a Word Challenge where this week's word is--you guessed it--"childhood."


  1. I don't know but I'm thinkin the next big thing for this guy is dremel etchings on the horns...what do you think?
    Rock on Lynne I really enjoy seeing you ride the wave of imagination.

  2. My sister suggested the same thing about etchings on the horns! I would try it but I lack the digital equivalent of a Dremel. And the skills. Nice to know someone out there likes my creatures. Thanks, Deann.


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