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Tuesday, October 8, 2013 those who wait

Good things come?

I had a request to cough up a piece of art from my stash in the $50 range and decided on something from my Buddha Series...which led me,quite naturally, to play with the chosen image in Photoshop...and then layering it up with a picture from a recent trip...

resulting in this.

Would you like to see where I started from?

Buddha Dreaming Buddha from my Buddha Series...

Which I turned into this, thinking I might use it as a background or overlay.

Then the heron dropped in.

Here's a cropped version of the resultant image.
Do you prefer the wide version in the first picture,
or this cropped one?
I couldn't decide.

So, quite unintentionally, I now have a new piece of art.  Digital art.  
Don't you love it when that happens?!

I'm sorry for not being around on the blog much, or visiting others,
but it's my good fortune to be travelling a bit these days.
Best to get out and about before the inevitable 
(whisper it: "winter") happens!


  1. Fascinating process...allows such a serene setting. I'm partial to the last image...the size seems to fit with me. Enjoy your last days of autumn weather.

    1. We are having the most glorious autumn! Have been on the road for a few days, from New Brunswick through Quebec, now in Ontario, revelling in the gorgeous fall colours on display. It was the Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and we shared it with our daughter and her boyfriends' family and friends. Traipsing around Ottawa, I've been gathering lots more images to play with!

  2. Btw, not so long ago I photographed a heron at the Stadtpark pond. I don't think I got as great an image as you captured.

    Safe travels and lots of fun!

    1. I always think it's such a treat to get a chance to photograph a heron. This one in particular seemed to be posing by the pond in the Halifax Public Gardens. I almost have more images of him than I know what to do with!
      Am having lots of fun now in far no herons.

  3. So sorry, I accidentally deleted the first lines, here they are:
    I love what you created, fascinating!
    I have never tried working with layers, you make want to learn more about it.

    1. So pleased that you appreciate my efforts, Merisi. Working with layers provides an endless source of exploration, exploration and happy discoveries. But it's very time-consuming and rather a compulsive-obsessive activity.

  4. the wide one, definitely!!! the heron has more space, as it deserves as a buddha-king, and the long grasses are wonderful!


    1. The heron as a Buddha-king! Love it. Master of the universe, as all is contained in the moment.

  5. Lovely work Lynne...I too prefer the wide image the grass adds more movement and focus to the picture making it more interesting. Wonderful photo of the heron also.

    1. Good point about the grasses adding movement and focus...added to Roxana's point about more space. I suppose with the added area we can also subconsciously anticipate the moment when this magnificent bird spreads his wings and flies gracefully away. Have still to capture a good image of a heron in flight.

  6. I'd like to see the heron without the Budda enhanced by the technique you used. There's a hint of an Old Master; cracked surface, aged oils...

  7. Marginalia, you might be pleased to know that the second picture of the heron...that is, the fourth image from the top of this post... is the original photo of the heron, straight out of the camera (which was set on high contrast and vivid colour). I guess I didn't explain the fact clearly enough that it was the picture I started with when I said "then the heron dropped in." My apologies.