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Friday, June 15, 2012

Three For All:Collaging Run Amok

While I was away for 3 weeks in Quebec, mostly involved in family stuff, I made no art.  Except for the day before we left for home when I painted 5 maxims that I'd brought along with me.  So when I got back here, I found myself suddenly overtaken with an uncontrollable urge to make something arty.

©2012 Lynne Ciacco, T'd Off, collage and paint on paper, 7 x 5"

I mean, I was in my studio, doing a bit of cleaning/clearing when I found myself compelled to grab a pile of papers, glue and paint and just stick a bunch of stuff together into an unplanned collage.  

©2012 Lynne Ciacco, Queen's Jubilee, collage & paint on paper, 7 x 5"

And before that one was even dry, I was reaching for a different batch of miscellaneous papers and compulsively gluing them all together, into something which seems to have been inspired by Queen Elizabeth's recent Jubilee celebrations (if not the argument I had with my French Canadian mother-in-law about the queen, 
but we won't go into that here.)

©2012 Lynne Ciacco, Bundle 1, collaged papers

Then, seemingly as an afterthought, instead of throwing away the wee bits of scraps left
over from the two previous collages, I glued them all together into a small bundle 
and called it a collage as well.

Have you ever had a day like that--
when everything you touch turns into "art"?

No matter whether it's good, bad, or indifferent--
it's the act of engaging in something creative that brings the soul satisfaction.

The cleaning can wait.
The creating cannot.


  1. I find it fantastic how you have applied to create the collage allows you to express many things ...
    Chance does not exist, that art is in your heart and is able to recognize materials and the times you've needed to create.
    Frankly good.
    A hug friend

  2. Words and images by a true artist!
    I love a woman who puts first things first!!!

  3. Sticking a bunch of stuff together in an unplanned collage sounds like a resume of my life plan. Whether or not my biography qualifies as art is an open question.

  4. Your eyes must be enjoying this,looks and sounds like a fun session! Most artists(writers too) I know,myself included,aren't too keen on cleaning,though I've noticed it sometimes leads to unexpected clearing of thought pathways.I agree,the creative act is the important part.

    Happy weekend Lynne,

  5. Victor,
    I love that concept you exress, that art is on one's heart. It will seek a way out, through whatever means we have at our hands. A hug to you, too.

    Thank you for that vote of confidence and support of my domestic disorder.

    Oh, you know what they say about one man's trash...(I think I've got a maxim somewhere here in my backpages on that topic).

    Clearing the decks usually occurs around here when I've finished up a big art project. Until that point, ordered chaos reigns supreme. I'm trying to clear out some of my stash (what others might call a hoard). Rediscovering old materials sometimes sparks new inspiration, I find.

  6. ah, methinks time away inspired you, filled the well to overflowing. i esp like the queen collage. bravo!

  7. sukipoet,
    I think you're right: being away was sort of like holding my breath on creativity. Once I got home I just had to exhale. Also, I find that visits to cities feed me with energy and inspiration to bring back.

  8. now this certainly helps me feeling less guilty about not cleaning (though i must confess that not always creativity is the reason for this, more often plain laziness - though i think that perhaps one has to be lazy to be creative :-)

    your collages give birth to uncontrollable tactile longings in me :-)
    (this is one thing i miss when working with pictures on a computer)

  9. Roxana,
    Oh, I feel sooooo much better to hear it from you: "perhaps one has to be lazy to be creative." I love that! I have been racked with guilt for much of my life, suspecting that I "suffer" from laziness. I see people, especially women, bustling about, so over-booked with appointments and to-do lists, and obligations and house work and cleaning and such, and I wonder how they can be so possessed. Where do they get the energy? Why are they so driven? I need to take my time. My dad said I was always the last one out of school in first grade when he came to pick me up after classes. Maybe it is part of the artistic temperament. Yes, I can be driven and focused when engaged in making art, but most of the time, I tend to be a bit dreamy, with my nose in a book, or looking at the trees or the sky, or just sitting in a chair feeling the colours of a room. Oh Roxana, my lovely dear, would you mind peeling me a grape?

    As for textures, pixels cannot quite cut it, I agree, but they are such fun to push around. I learned a great deal about texture through doing rug-hooking for a few years, rather than painting. Now texture spills out of everything I make. And my own body becomes more and more textured with each passing year...though I am less fond of that. Of course, I am equating "texture" with "tactile." But yes, computer screen does not have the same sensuous feeling as "hands on" art making.