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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vision Quest

Here's another sample from the art "journal" that I started during my stay in Vancouver.

The pages aren't necessarily made to be viewed as a double page spread, but they do play off each other in tones.  There is so much going on in the left hand page while the right side provides some rest and space for the eyes.

The words on the left say "No place like home", which refers to the land being taken from the indigenous people of North America with the arrival of the European explorers, settlers, armies.  These words just happened to be on the page and I left them exposed when I did the collage.

The rectangular shapes on the right suggest dwellings/home.  
If we take the word from this page, "Breaking,"  and add it to the previous words,  we have

 "No place like home breaking."  

Two faces collaged together to make one mask. 
 A match.  
A feather suggesting a white flame.
A Canadian postage stamp with the face of
 Robbie Robertson,
 a musician proud of his native roots.

A question of identity.
One eye covered--what can this mean?
An inability to see the past, the future, the self, clearly?

Many interpretations could be applied.
I leave it to you to make your own stories.

For me, at present, it quite literally means a difficulty in seeing.  Was this collage a foreshadowing of my recent affliction?  Yikes! Maybe I should start painting heaps of money or exotic climes and exciting adventures and see if they manifest!

But really, am having some vision problems (no pun intended) so am not out and about visiting my friends in Blogland as much as I'd like.
Please forgive my absence.  

Am trying to keep the home fires burning here,
 at least.

Bring some marshmallows
and long sticks!


  1. there is much forethought and symbolism in these art pieces.. They are gorgeous... just like the collage there are so many layers of meaning.. Great interpretation. I really loved these.

    I hope your eye problem can be fixed especially for such a visual artist such as yourself..

  2. Wonderful groupings of thoughts and feelings. That prescient piece in the collage is interesting.

  3. A great job, delicious color, congratulations, I love your double-page compositions.

  4. So sorry to hear you are having vision problems Lynne. That must be distressing. I have realized that my vision deteriorates in direct relationship to how much time I spend at the computer. A challenge when hooked on making digital art!

    Your work is deliciously creative, inspiring and laden with meaningful representations that we all can relate to - well, speaking for myself, I can relate to. Thank you for sharing your private journal work.

    Take care of yourself!

  5. I'm so sorry your vision problems haven't improved, but your sense of humor is still intact. I had to laugh about painting the money! As long as you use your talent for good and not evil, and start printing your own money. Ha! I love your sense of freedom, the ever-present physical gesture, in your journal artwork. Of course, the subject matter, the pathos, loss, and tragedy, all speak to me mightily.

    PS: You were the only one who mentioned the fish's LIPS!

  6. Thoughtful pages...they compliment one another in a rich way. The masks speak volumes and oh nice to see Robbie Robertson image...over the years his powerful music has filled my studio for days on end.
    Sorry to read you are going through a rough time with your vision. You are missed in Blogland but rest easy by the campfire!

  7. I hope you'll be fine! There is no place like your visions!

  8. Gwen,
    A lot of afterthought rather than forethought went into this composition, really. Forethought in the manner of the studies I had previously undertaken at art school, I guess, so that the info/feelings are there floating in the subconscious informing the art work. The afterthought involves looking at what emerged from the gluing and painting and drawing process and interpreting it to my conscious self.
    I'm really pleased that it touches you.

  9. DCW,
    If only I could harness/recognize that prescient trait! I can only see it in retrospect.

  10. Leovi,
    Thanks so much! I particularly appreciate your appreciation of my colours as you know how much I appreciate those colours in your own work.

  11. Bonnie,
    Oh, I hear you about vision going on the blink when overexposed to the computer screen. Some nights after getting lost in Photoshop I'd emerge feeling like my eyeballs were fried. Definitely an occupational hazard for one such as yourself. This little affliction seems to be unrelated to computer exposure. It is distressing and distracting, but maybe it's providing me with a needed break from computer gazing.
    I'm so pleased that you relate to these pages from my art journal. I hesitated to post them, so am doubly glad they're well-received.

  12. Stickup,
    Who could not fall instantly in love with those big puckered-up fish lips?! I have a little folk art side table in the shape of a fish that a friend made for me, and I painted big red luscious lips on it, many years ago. So it was delightful to see the real deal in your photos.

    I'm trying to use my powers for good, but it's not always easy. Sometimes being bad is just so much more interesting.


  13. Blue Sky,
    Oh what a delightful image you've provoked in my mind: resting easy by a campfire with the stirring songs of Robbie Robertson playing in the background. I might even have to get up and dance a bit...but gently upon the earth in that careful two-step manner of the native dancer, buckskin fringes swaying in the moonlight. Lullaby of Blogland.

  14. Ötli,
    My vision is clearing gradually, slowly, bit by bit. Je suis bien contente que mes "visions" te plais.
    What an excellent pun you made!

  15. Very interesting artwork,what a splendid journal you keep. I've read of people getting eye injuries while actual vision questing.Glad to hear your eye is on the mend.

  16. Ruby,
    That is amazing about people incurring eye problems on vision quests! I've been wondering if my own problem is symptomatic of a chronic inability to envision a desirable future/new path for myself.

  17. i am so happy your eyes are healing! can working on this kind of 'journal' be a part of the process of healing? maybe something needed to be investigated and expressed, and your eye problem was just the perfect occasion for it to manifest itself, to become visible in the work of art. i am mesmerized by the right panel, 'no place like home breaking' is so powerful and intriguing, shelter and loss, intimacy and fear at the same time... this is wonderful, i am left speechless...

  18. Roxana,
    You give me a wonderful gift of insight into my own work. I tend not to think too much about what I've made once the process is over. Often the deeper meaning remains simmering just below the surface of my awareness. For example, I didn't really understand why "no place like home breaking" resonated with me, thinking it had to do with the land being taken from the native peoples, their families torn apart, etc. But on the personal note that you suggest, it becomes clear that it speaks of something that I am experiencing--am afraid to face up to--in my life at this time.