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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

XVI The Tower

Things fall apart.  Everything changes.  Change is often painful, difficult, but necessary.

©2011 L. Ciacco, XVI The Tower, Tarot Series, acrylic on paper, 7 x 5 in.

 The Tower indicates that our ego defenses are no longer serving us.  All our old ways of coping aren't doing the trick.  Everything upon which we built our belief system is discovered to be flawed or false.  This is a time of desperation but not despair.  From this "crack up" will come rebuilding and renewal.  We will open to the true self and, with this knew knowledge, create a firmer foundation upon which to build our lives.

I am basically writing this "off the top of my head," having glanced at descriptions of this card in a couple of books.  However, as I imagined this image some time ago and have been carrying it "inside my head" this is what I feel the card represents.
There will be a pause of some months in the creating of my Tarot Series.  In two weeks time I'll be heading to Vancouver and staying there for an extended period.  As I won't have the supplies and books I need to work on this series, I'm going to set it aside, yet again, until I return to my home studio.

Meanwhile, I hope to keep the Maxim of the Week going, and whip up a regular batch of treats to serve  on Ragzedge while I'm away.  And I'll be checking in to see what my creative blog friends are up to.

Please stay tuned!


  1. "Everything upon which we built our belief system is discovered to be flawed or false."

    Funny, you read my mind...

    But where then do we go from here ??? Haven't figured that part out yet.

    Safe travelling dear Sister...

  2. Owen,
    Tune in, turn on, drop out? Oh wait...that didn't work,either.

    Where do we go from here? Well, I'm going to Vancouver. Same belief system there, of course, but the winter's not so harsh.

    No answers yet. Still that rumour of 21.12.12 purported to be a levelling device for the mess that's been created on our planet. As I said, "stay tuned." What other choice do we have?

  3. I love your commentary as much as these cards. I feel like you are reading my mind too so I'm glad to see someone else say it because it was starting to blow my mind.

    Kind of aside but related — I have been reading Jaron Lanier's book "You Are Not a Gadget." It is relevant because he is both an artist (musician) and a high level computer engineer and internet and Virtual Reality pioneer. I think he has some interesting theories and ideas regarding where we can go from here personally as bloggers, technologically and socially. I tried to get it at my library and it was always checked out, but then it showed up in my mailbox as a gift from a friend!

  4. I wonder how I managed to send my last comment to your email? Didn't mean to so I'm glad you added it in. That's so weird...

  5. Fabulous work once again..
    I've always thought of the tower as a negative outcome or change forced upon us when we have not made the effort to make the change ourselves.. but looking your depiction.. makes me think it is our own entrapment or confinement finally releasing.. a great positive spin..

    Have a wonderful trip.. will look forward to seeing what you get up to.. ciao ciao xxx Julie

  6. Great, another beautiful composition, I love this tower collapses. Greetings.

  7. A very optimistic spin on what is sometimes seen as a negative omen.

    Have fun on Burrard Inlet. Driftwood and I will likely be there in February.

  8. I'm not all that familiar with the Tower card but this description and image speaks clearly of a 'life situation' that visits us...not an easy place. I like the composition...never liked the images of people falling out of a tower...this makes sense...a crumbling or breaking down...beautiful!
    I will stay close by and keep an eye out for your return.

  9. Stickup,
    Thanks for the tip about Jaron Lanier. I see there's much of interest on his website as well. I'll see if I can get a copy of his book from the library when I'm in Vancouver.

    As for reading minds, maybe I'm just tuning into the present Zeitgeist. It's good to hear that my card interpretations resonate and make sense. I want my tarot deck to point towards positive self-awareness.

  10. Stickup,
    PS. I have it set up so that all comments on my blogs arrive in my email automatically. I suspect Blogger ate your comment, but I found its bones in my inbox.

  11. Julie,
    I've always thought of the tower as a scary card as well, dealing with things arrivng out of our control, as you say. But, ultimately, we're responsible for our actions and decisions so must be in charge of the outcome of what befalls us. The exploration of my tarot deck is more to do with self-development and awareness/inner growth than events coming at us from the outside. I am trying to keep it all positive, as you've noticed.

  12. Leovi,
    I'm so glad you like the art work. It was one of the more challenging pieces for me to create.

  13. ¨Otli,
    Je suis contente d'entendre çca!

  14. DCW,
    Seriously??? You'll both be on the wet coast? We totally have to rendez-vous! Keep me posted by e-mail.

  15. Blue Sky,
    I don't care for the traditional tarot image of the burning, breaking tower with bodies fall from it either. Terrifying! We all have points in our lives where we need to break down our walls, where things seem to be falling apart, where we break open. It can feel as disastrous as falling to earth from a crumbling tower, but I see it as an opportunity (challenge) to open to a truer and healthier response to life.
    I'm happy to hear you'll be checking up on me from time to time. :-)

  16. i´m happy to see a new tarot card! and i love your positive twist on the subject!
    have a great time in vancouver! i´ll be looking forward to your maxims of the week, just love them!

  17. louciao,

    Probably early February. I have to be there for the day of the tenth but intend to stretch it into a week.

  18. It's fascinating to watch your Tarot deck develop and to hear your commentary on the cards! This one is very striking. Enjoy your retreat time in Vancouver!

  19. johanna,
    I'm happy that you appreciate my positive spin on the tower card. I'm going to do my best to keep up with the maxims while I'm away, but I'm not sure how it's going to work out. Have paints, will travel!

  20. DCW,
    Hopefully you will be ready willing and able to come to lunch in Dollarton? Weather permitting, we could walk down to Deep Cove to either help digest or work up an appetite. I'm planning to be there until the end of Feb. at the earliest, end of March at the latest.

  21. Robin,
    My life is a retreat! I'm heading out to Vancouver to plug into some of that big city buzz.
    I'm pleased you're enjoying the developing tarot series. I'm going to miss working on it. I wonder what I'll find to fill the void...

  22. This is very much my card for today.
    Thank you Lynne!

  23. Forest Dream,
    Isn't it wonderful when serendipitous incidents occur. It sounds like you may be experiencing some serious challenges. I wish you strength, courage, laughter mixed with the tears, and a positive growth spurt.