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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Although Jean-Yves, in his job as sommelier, could recommend the perfect wine to go with any dish, he himself was a tee-totaller.
Do as I say, not as I do.


  1. Nice drawing, I love wine. Yes, a friend of mine is a recognized professional in cocktails and never test their creations. He tells me a lot but I recommend not doing anything for myself for what I say. But cocktails are excellent. Happy Sunday.

  2. Although supercilious Jean-Yves may be excellent at what he does, his ethics are questionable.

  3. Leovi,
    That's interesting about your friend. Probably for the best if continually exposed to the temptation of tasty cocktails. I had a friend who was a bartender and it turned out he was an alcoholic...though I'm not sure if the job prompted the addiction or the addiction made him get the job. Anyway, it didn't work out.
    I like wine, too: Salud!

  4. Shirl,
    Superciliousness was part of the job description, I believe. And a large nose so he could look down it at his wine-guzzling customers. Hey, it's a job: who has time for ethics these days when there's a pay cheque involved. Would you like white or red?

  5. I'll have a flute of champagne please !

    Funny, for the longest time I thought that "tee-totaler" meant someone who drank only tea, and had no idea that the "tee" in tee-totaler was the "T" for "Total" abstinence. Love his striped trousers and checked serviette...

    Will wonders never cease, I got back in here... I couldn't find the door for the longest time... must have had too much champers...

  6. And waiter, please, could you leave the bottle in a bucket of ice, so I may drown my sorrow in it, for I have missed post after wonderful post in this place...

    For the record, the tarot series is wonderful, simply incredible, and I hope one day to own at least the greeting card collection of them... extraordinary works all. You can guess my favourite however, who also figures in my most recent post tonight...

    Can you forgive me ?

    Were I a wealthy scion, a patron of fine artists, I would ask if a much larger version of a tarot could be painted, on commission, for a wall here in France. Listen, when I win the lottery, which is coming any day now, the request will be most humbly made. Now, what does the tarot say, can it give me the date on which the lottery will be won ? The wheel of fortune is turning, turning...

  7. How delightful. I love his air of superiority. How you can imbue your freeform "doodles" with so much personality and character is beyond me...

  8. Owen,
    If I have understud you correctly, you came in through the bathroom window?

    Nothing to forgive, little brO. You are not required to watch every brush I take and every move I make.

    I'm afraid my tarot deck is more about self-awareness and awakening than predicting the future so I can't tell you exactly when you're going to win the lottery. But my bags are packed and I'm ready to go: Have paints, will travel. Big wheel keep on turnin'...

  9. Stickup Artist,
    Oh I'm just like Michelangelo releasing the characters that were hidden in the stone, heh heh heh.

  10. Just like Michelangelo, I'll say ! Hmmm... shades of Mr Alfred Prufrock...

    "In the room the women come and go
    Talking of Michelangelo."

  11. i love your drawing! and i can only repeat i LOVE your humor!!

  12. Owen,
    Oh yes, conversations get pretty high brow around the gallery here.
    Would you care for a peach?

  13. johanna,
    always a pleasure to meet up with someone who appreciates my sense of humour! Not everyone gets it...even me, sometimes.