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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Because I Felt Like It

Sometimes instead of making art, I make crafts.  Crafts can be silly (as some art also is) but usually somehow useful or practical (think crotched toilet roll covers in the shape of poodles.  Hands up all who remember those!) 

I developed a fascination with felting some years ago and have made a few stabs (especially when needle felting) at it from time to time.  Here are two recent results of my dabbling.

Needle felted ring and wet-felted cuff.

I learned how to make the ring from a library book (sorry, can't remember the title/author) but a friend of mine came over and gave me a private felting lesson on how to make lovely cuffs.  It's not exactly the season to wear them, but they'll be wonderful for chilly fall and winter days, don't you think?  Especially if one's sleeves are a little on the short side.

(And for those who are interested in such things, I used two of Kim Klassen's free textures, Peeling Paint and Canvas Back, to add interest to the soft focus background of the above photo).

How about you?  Feeling crafty these days?  And when does craft become art?
Sometimes it's a fine line. 



  1. Love those wrist cuffs, the colours are so autumn- like -- a real work of art.

  2. I like combining my skills in crafts such as sewing and embroidery with my artmaking skills...women especially were told when I was in art school(a long time ago) about the separation of these but then fiberarts, clay and all the other crafts became recognized as just more creative tools.
    Felting has such creative potential...I like your cuffs!

  3. Wow, I like those! Definitely art because you expressed yourself through this medium. Your style is stamped all over the cuffs! The top image especially shows your signature layering and colors. If you had "colored by number," that would have been craft alone. xxoo

  4. Shirl,
    Thanks! My buddy Jacqueline actually supplied the roving. I has asked for some rusty tones and she brought many shades to choose from. She also gave me some subtly toned snippets from a very fine silk scarf (or blouse) that united the three tones. It was great to have her advice. The student has become the teacher.

  5. c,
    Lovely to look at, lovely to wear. Wait till you try them on--and then you'll definitely want to make your own pair!

  6. Blue Sky,
    Felting is a craft that can definitely be raised to what one would consider art, as can most (all?) handcrafts. Textile art was very poo-poohed when I was at art school,too, but I came to appreciate it and be excited by what was going on in that field much later in my life. I came to it sideways, by teaching myself to make cloth dolls, then rug-hooking, a bit of hand-quilting (very randomly applied). Seeing what was going on in the quilting world--making new fabrics/image transfers/embellishments with found objects & rust, etc. etc.-- seemed, for a time, more exciting than what was happening on the painting scene. I love crossover art! I think you and I are on the same page (a painted, stitched, slashed, collaged, embellished one at that!)

  7. Margaret,
    I can't really take credit for the artistry of those cuffs as I was coached, counselled and assisted every step of the way by my friend. She even advised about how to lay out the colours so they would blend (though I did choose them). What I can claim as my own "artistry" is my treatment of the top photo. I am so pleased you mentioned/liked it! I worked on it for quite some time...though, not as long as the cuffs.

  8. Those wrist cuffs are really nice. I've never seen anything like them and could surely see myself wearing them when I go up to the mountains in winter. Love the colors. I am a somewhat familiar with felting. My Mom knits and embellishes really beautiful purses and often must felt them or the flowers that she uses to decorate them.

    PS: I just came from The Floating Bridge of Dreams and was really struck by your insightful comment on the "simply amazed" post.

  9. Stickup,
    I was totally taken with the felted cuffs the first time I saw the pair my friend made, never having seen them before, either. It was so generous of her to show me the process. This project is done in several hours, other than the drying. No knitting or needles involved. Almost instant gratification! But a lot of physical scrubbing. So much fun to make something that one can actually use!

    Roxana's images and poetry on her Floating Bridge of Dreams really do induce one to dig deeper into one's thoughts and outlook on life. I'm so touched that you related to my comment on her latest posting. I hope you are coming to terms with the "metamorphosis" that is transpiring in your life right now.

  10. When the student is ready, the master appears.
    Buddhist Proverb

  11. Jackie,
    Even sometimes when she's not ready! But in this case, the timing and the teacher were perfect! Merci mille fois!
    (Glad to see you've mastered the comment boxes again!)