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Thursday, May 19, 2011


In Canada, this Monday is Victoria Day, a holiday for those gainfully employed in the real world.  I don't have a picture of Queen Victoria, in whose honour this day is named, but I do have a photo of a statue in Vancouver called the Angel of Victory.  Close enough.

I really wanted to post this picture because I spent several hours manipulating it in Photoshop today and that, I feel, is my art practice at the moment.  Pushing pixels instead of paint.

(I took this photo outside of Waterfront Station in Vancouver last April.)



  1. Great job, this is beautiful...the atmosphere is glorious! Happy
    Victoria Day!

  2. Love the 'feel' of this image. You are obviously very good at pushing pixels!!!

  3. Beautiful, I like. I have been mysterious and intriguing, I like these colors and the texture is delicious.

  4. nicely done and thanks for the info on a holiday i have never heard of before. sort of like our labor day.

  5. I like it a lot. Not sure about the sentiment behind the sculpture. Not much of a victory for the poor soldier in her arms.

  6. You're really good to push pixels too!

  7. The good thing about pushing pixels instead of paint is you don't have to clean up after yourself!

    I love the creamy glow of the sky. It really enhances the drama of the statue.

  8. Blue Sky,
    Your comment reminds me of the lines in God Save the Queen that we had to sing every morning in grade school,

    Send her victorious
    happy and glorious
    long to reign over us
    God save our Queen

    Seems appropriate for Victoria Day!

  9. Bonnie,
    Thanks!--from one pixel-pusher to another.

  10. Leovi,
    So glad you like the colours and texture and find a sense of intriguing mystery to it. I wanted to create a very special sort of atmosphere, as if it came from another age rather than a contemporary city street.

  11. sukipoet,
    It's traditionally called Victoria Day but a lot of people just refer to it as the May long weekend. When I was a kid, we called it the Queen's birthday. But a holiday by any other name is still as sweet (in spite of the miserable weather).

  12. Marginalia,
    Yeah, it is a bit disturbing but I guess it's more to do with celebrating the victory of the good guys over the bad and the sacrifices made on both sides. I always think of it as the Angel of Death.

  13. Otli,
    Merci! I'm still learning and experimenting.

  14. Stickup,
    Exactly! No scraping off the palette, washing brushes, trying to get the caps back on the tubes of paint...or find the right cap for the right colour, no waiting for layers to dry. Instant gratification...if you count 4 or more hours of sitting in front of the computer trying different blending modes and textures "instantaneous." But you know what is similar to painting? The happy accidents: the "yes!" feeling in the pit of the stomach when something unexpectedly clicks.

  15. Really quite beautiful,you've given it a surreal quality,a sense of gently rising through the mists of time.

  16. Forest Dream Weaver,
    Then my efforts were successful. Thanks! I was trying to give it a timeless sort of feeling.