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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Maxim of the Week

After months of deep meditation,
Swami Glamanda has the revelation
that he should design a line of fashion for gurus.
God helps those who help themselves.



  1. The Ghandi Dandy Line?

  2. carmenooch,
    Move over LuluLemon!

  3. Shirl,
    You shoulda been in marketing!

  4. Well, the elephant definitely works (Ganesh)! I'd wear the caftan. Can't figure out the three-pronged top to the hat...? I say, "Go for it!" (per the maxim!)

  5. Margaret,
    The 3-pronged hat brings Glamanda a little closter to heaven/nirvana. It is especially effective in lightning storms!

  6. Oh, this is my second favorite one yet, right up there with the Bixibabe. (I don't have the bicycle lady's name right, but it's pretty close). Anyway, I'd love to see that runway show!

  7. Stickup Artist,
    What a memory you have: she is Bixi Babe, and I had to look her up on my own blog to check the spelling! I have to smile at the idea of a Glamanda runway show. I think the models would float more than strut, don't you?
    Om m m m m m m m m m m m m m m
    And maybe, even, there really would be an elephant in the room!

  8. I like the green-pink combination,even the blue shoes.
    Maybe that's what we all need,new designer apparel for summer!!!

  9. Forest Dream Weaver,
    If they make it, we will wear it! As long as it's marked down to at least 50% off.