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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gypsy Ways

Here's a digital collage I mixed up in Photoshop, using elements from 3 of my own paintings plus some copyright-free images from the internet (Dover Publications and Artisan Avenue newsletters).

This is the full-meal-deal-colour-blast version.

Next, I emphasized the rectangular aspects of the composition.

And finally I desaturated the whole thing to give it an aged and dreamy appearance.

Because the woman is gazing directly at the viewer, it's pretty much impossible to draw your attention away from her, no matter how colourful or blended the background effects.  
I think the muted version is the most successful in integrating all the elements.
Which do you prefer?



  1. I vote for the colour blast!

  2. Yay! A girl after my own heart.

  3. The color blast works for me because I look beyond her gaze at all the amazing color and texture and intricate combining. The second one jars me and the third works perfectly in an all over way but color blast has more impact for me.

  4. Blue Sky Dreaming,
    I'm pleased to hear that the colour blast does work after all. I'm sure you've had the experience that once you've put a new...or the last...element in a painting it's the only thing that you can focus on, and the whole piece seems out of balance for a time. Great to hear your point of view!

  5. "Aged and Dreamy Appearance" sums me up perfectly so that get my vote.

  6. Marginalia,
    I have no doubt that you're aged to perfection.

  7. I like all 3 for different reasons. They are all beautiful. So I'm no help. I do think the complex detail and coloring balances out the woman and the crisscross running up her torso and into the background is just the thing to get the eye moving about. I ended up lingering deeply on the background longer than the woman. You are amazing with your colors. It is extremely difficult to master using such a full range like you do!

    PS: Don't you just love Dover!

  8. I think they're all beautiful in different ways,however I do love the colour blast.All parts are clearly readable while not detracting from this striking woman as central character.

    Is this Vancouver working it's magic?

    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Stickup Artist,
    Oh, I'm happy that you said that about your eye moving about the "canvas" and the complex detail/colour balancing out the woman. Also about my "mastering" the use of colour...I sometimes feel I've gone overboard, but just can't seem to help it. Well, I try to help it by doing toned-down versions.
    Dover is full of fun surprises. I get the Friday free samples by email and stash them away like an image hoarder.

  10. Forest Dream Weaver,
    I am not surprised that you like the colour blast as your own work is so richly hued and vibrant. I'm glad to have another affirmation that the woman's image works with the background rather than dominates it. Phew!

    I'm back in the Maritimes now, where things are not as colourfully in bloom (ie. not at all) as they were in Vancouver, so perhaps this colour blast is expressing a bit of longing for some spring blossoms.

    Happy Easter weekend to you!

  11. Anonymous4/26/2011

    I like the middle one

  12. nursemyra,
    Excellent choice! Now each picture has had a vote and my challenge of aiming to please all of the people all of the time has born fruit other than rotten tomatoes.