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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No More Waiting

Today I got out my glue stick and my envelope of magazine rippings that I'd packed to bring with me to the west coast and put together a quick collage.

The Myth That There Are No Quick Fixes

You’re thinking about your health:
We never know which comes first,
tomorrow or the next life.
No more waiting:
Do it yourself--
focus on balance.
Learn to breathe sublime energy.



  1. clever of you to bring these materials with you. Love the man on the skate board type thing. In your header, I really like the musical notes as dialogue bubble. Hope you are enjoying your time away from home.mi

  2. Glad you brought the materials along. This is JOYFUL!!!

    Learning to breathe is good wishes. Rx

  3. Never know which comes first....hmmm. Seems all too true for a lot of our dear friends. Your collage gives a light note to a heavy message.

  4. I love your messages and how you incorporate them into the collages. And I adore the happy heavy set man giving expression to the carefree boy inside on the scooter. I can almost hear his gleeful yell - Weeeeeeeeeee!

  5. suki poet,
    I'm terrible about keeping a trip diary or doing any sketching while travelling so bringing a glue stick and some magazine pages seemed a good way to keep a little creativity flowing.
    I'm happy that you spotted the music notes and I love how you describe it as a dialogue bubble.

  6. Forest Dream Weaver,
    I'm happy I threw them in my suitcase, too. Just wish I'd brought a bit more as it turns out my mother (with whom I'm staying) chucks her magazines as soon as she's done with them.
    I thought I pretty much knew how to breathe until I took a yoga session. It's amazing how calming and yet stimulating it can be when done consciously. Or sometimes, it can be absolutely freaky and induce near panic if done with too much consciousness!

  7. Patricia,
    It's a fact of life that we try to ignore most of the time. That particular line about not knowing if it will be tomorrow or the afterlife that comes next is taken from a Buddhist calendar that I had a few years ago, and cut up for collaging. Of course these days I have in the back of my mind the terrible events and suffering going on in Japan and do not wish to make light of the loss of life. Still, it is good to bring light and lightness whenever possible, I think, and in my own small way, this is what I'm trying to do.

  8. Stickup Artist,
    These messages are as much as a surprise and discovery for me as for those who stumble upon my collages. I have a pile of words and phrases that from a magazine and I just randomly pick a few that appeal to me as I makie a collage. I guess I sort of stick with a theme once I start, but I really don't plan on any message, so it's like a telegram (or text message, or tweet!) from my subconscious once I'm done. I'm happy that you enjoy them.

    I love the glee on that chubby man's face, too! I think you're so right about the inner child shining through: I hadn't thought of it quite like that.