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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Future Options, Collage Poem

I've been invited to help lead a workshop on dream analysis, guiding the collage-making element of it.  Consequently, I have been preoccupied with ripping up magazines and spreading glue.

Future Options

Damn the masses!
When straddling either way,
to trust your intellect
or follow your passion,
that burning up forever
with visual harmony
is perfect for you.
You could live without it,
but would you call that living?

Collaging, using ready-made images from magazines, is a quick, intuitive process that does not necessarily produce Art.  It is a Process.  A Revelation.  A Message From the Subconscious.  I've added a new challenge to the process which involves taking the words that appear in the collage and arranging them in a sort of poem.  It concentrates the "message" and adds another dimension to the process.
Try it!  But I warn you, it can be addictive.

This is the original collage.  In the version above, I added the red beret and the arty skirt, plus warmed up the overall tone using Photoshop.



  1. fabulous idea to combine collage and poem. How lovely to be part of the dream group. sounds like it will be enriching for all.

  2. Wonderful! Best collage ever. We do that with quilting sometimes, too, but yours is even better.

  3. sukipoet,
    I'm hoping it will be enriching and fun for all involved. Sometimes it's good to have a guide and a few prompts to get oneself going. The participants should leave with the basic tools for further exploration on their own. And inspiration!

  4. Susan,
    Collage quilting? Oh my--don't get me started! I can't take another creative route to explore or my head will explode! Now that would make an interesting collage!

    Thank you for your enthusiastic response to this collage.

  5. I like the idea. Poetry writing can be very much like making a collage, especially if the imagery is very visual.

    Your combination is inspired. Sometimes in the past I have tried to move a writer's block by random sketching and doodling. You are providing a very congruent and structured way of doing this.

    I hope we hear more.

  6. Wow, it's almost liike the tarot cards at "Options for a Better World!"
    Your collage seems to keep telling you to trust what you instinctively want to do.
    I like this project, andI'm doing one, too! Thanks! me

  7. DCW,
    Interesting to hear of similar techniques to unblock an area of creativity: Using a visual form to unlock a verbal expression. I think the key is in not trying to do anything in particular but just witnessing what unfolds. I've done a few more of these and will post them over the coming weeks.

  8. Margaret,
    The collage process can be used for all sorts of personal insights and is certainly a useful tool for making one's own deck of personal imagery for a Tarot deck or visual journal.

    That is so cool that you're going to try out this project for yourself! Have fun.

  9. Oh collaging is insanely fun. I remember decorating my friend's entire bathroom in collage - we had an absolute hoot.

  10. What a great opportunity. The dream workshop sounds fun and I'm sure it will yield a many surprises. I hope we hear more about this. I like the poem incorporated into the collage. I don't think I've ever seen that done before.

  11. tattytiara,
    An entire bathroom?! I hope you didn't get any glue on your tiara, or maybe that's why it's so tatty. I'd be afraid to start such a large-scale collaging project. But it would be a great way to use up all the paper, magazine, and fabric scraps I've got stashed away. Who needs wallpaper when one has a stack of old phone books or Sears catalogues? Call it "Haute Hillbillie" and start a new home decor craze.

  12. Stickup Artist,
    Yes, this will be a good opportunity for me on many levels, not the least of which is leading a workshop. I've taught dance before, and given art "consultations" but this is my first workshop setting. It'll be fun to see how the dream part of the workshop is led, too. And meeting new people will be interesting. You're right about the surprizes that will turn up: let's hope they're all good ones!

    I'll definitely be posting more about my collaging/poetry process as I explore it. And about the workshop when it happens in May.

  13. I like it- collage and poetry go together like peas and carrots! It sounds like a wonderful workshop; I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  14. Sharmon,
    Haha! Great analogy! The workshop won't be happening until mid-May but I will definitely post about it when/if it comes to pass. Meanwhile, I feel yen for more peas and carrots.

  15. I found an old Italian atlas this past week which I've set aside with the hope that one day soon it (we) can put it to use in an imaginative, creative way. Just think of the possibilities! Collage anyone? And, BTW, can just anyone sign up for one of your workshops? I mean even me?

  16. Driftwood,
    An Italian atlas no less! That's exciting for the names alone. Yes, maps are excellent to use in collaging. But are you planning to use the Atlas to make an altered book, perhaps? In that manner, you can employ various techniques all in one place. But it is time-consuming. I have one on the go that I started several years ago and just got out the other day to do a bit more work on. So many art forms... so many much procrastination.
    As for the workshop, of course you could attend! I'll e-mail you the details. Or maybe this summer we'll have a sleep-over and do arty stuff!