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Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Angel on my Shoulder

For a time, over a period of a couple of years, while out on my daily walk, I would pick up scraps of metal, usually rusted, that I'd find on the road.  I gathered them up and kept them in messy piles and gradually assembled various bits and pieces into rusty angels.  I had thought to frame them and make an exhibit, but my sister-in-law tied them all into a tree in my yard last summer so they could fly and dance in the wind.  They weren't meant to withstand the elements, due to the glue I'd used, but some have survived.
This is one of the more elaborate ones.
I have heard that everyone has at least one angel hovering near,
some perhaps more battle worn than others.

PS.  For those who were wondering, here's the link to the angels in the tree.



  1. You should try printing or embossing this little lovely.

  2. I love angels in any form and they are no doubt assisting us,especially if we ask them!
    All best wishes.

  3. I think you posted a photo of that tree. do you know the Janet Frame book An Angel on my Shoulder. Actually, it is one book in a larger autobiography but the title was used in a movie about Janet Frame.

  4. I thought I was being pretty clever elevating a leaf or a piece of wood (or at least trying to), but what you have wrought from pieces of discarded metal is really something! It is a truly creative brain that sees angels in pieces of broken metal scattered about the side of the road. I am really super-impressed...

  5. Patricia,
    My only technical know-how would be to print a copy of this photo using my inkjet printer, and I've never done any embossing (other than adding metallic paint/ink details). So now I'm wondering just what kind of "printing and embossing" methods you mean...Sounds intriguing.
    She liked it when you called her a "little lovely."

  6. Forest Dream Weaver,
    It feels good to have further reassurance that we are being assisted by beings beyond our ken! I guess one also need to know how to ask.
    Nice to see you here!

  7. sukipoet,
    You're right--I did post a little video of the tree with the angels. How sweet that you remember!

    I've read the Janet Frame autobiography, after having seen the movie. Both amazing and excellent! What a force.

  8. Stickup Artist,
    Oh, I've got one of those brains that sees images in everything, I guess. (My bath mat, for example, is a wealth of characters--different every time I look at it.) I try to "curb my enthusiasm" for picking up random bits and pieces and turning them into something else, though. Thank god I'm afraid of welding!

  9. carmenooch,
    one sisters's junque...

    Thanks! I'm pleased (and surprised) that you like it.

  10. I would love to have a steely angel on my shoulder, Lynne! It implies strength physically and spiritually. I wish I could have seen the tree! Did it tinkle in the breeze? ♥

  11. Hi Margaret,
    Yes, I must agree: a steely-willed, no-nonsense, let's get the job done and stay focused kind of warrior angel would certainly do the trick for me as well!

    The angels didn't make a tinkling sound as they weren't close enough, and they were also made of rust. But they did seem to be humming. I've added a link to the video now at the end of this post, if you'd like to take a look.

  12. I like the image of battle scarred angels. What will you say when Saint Peter asks why your guardian angel has PTS disorder?

  13. DCW,
    What makes you think I'll be meeting up with Saint Peter?

  14. When I was a little girl I believed in guardian angels but was puzzled by their seeming inability to protect. Perhaps if they had been made of steel rather than gauze and feathers...

    WV facto And that's a facto!