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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Maxim of the Week

Catching sight of her reflection in a store window,
Inez fears that her new poncho makes her look dumpy.
Broaden your horizons.

(Seems appropriate advice for the new year, don't you think?)



  1. . . . or avoid glass when it's a large pane.

  2. DCW,
    You're so right; sometimes what one sees in the mirror can be a real pain in the glass.

  3. This is one tradition that will never go out with the old. We women fretting about our weight after the holidays! I feel a sisterly kinship with Inez here. I do like her stance! It's as if to say, now why does that window pane have to intrude with such judgement on me!

  4. Stickup,
    I wish it was only after the holidays that this woman (moi) frets about her weight; but fretting and doing something about it are two different activities.

    I think you're right about Inez--her stance says it all. That window may provide her with more than one type shattering experience.

  5. one of the reasons i avoid looking at my reflection in shop windows, sugar! i'm much slimmer in my mind! ;~D xoxoxo

  6. savannah,
    very nice to see your slim self here! I'm much younger in my mind than the face that looks back at me in the mirror.

  7. I supppose this means there will be an immediate stop to mum's knitting of her poncho!

    wv: materes (Mother Theresa's email name)

  8. carmenooch,
    I think it likely means she'll give it to you, me, or Diane.

  9. Like Miss Piggy says, "It's por moi". If you've got it -- flaunt it.

  10. Shirl,
    And I'm sure you'll look mahvellous!

  11. That drawing is absolutely brilliant.

  12. tattytiara,
    Thanks! It's from a scribble that I make with my eyes closed, you know...and then I embellish it. Honest! It refers to no real person, living or dead, to the best of my knowledge, and is a work of fiction. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!