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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Little Corner of my World

Winter arrived.  Maxims await.  Laziness prevails.



  1. love seeing your desk and window. winter arrived here too. brrr. lots of snow but today was that lovely day after a storm blue sky. winter is the time for laziness.

  2. Great natural light is the most important aspect of an artist's studio.

  3. sukipoet,
    I think the animals have it right, to hibernate for the winter. But those days when the sun is shining on the snow and the sky is mostly blue, it is pretty special. I got out for a walk to the post office this afternoon in just such weather--the first time I've ventured out since Christmas Eve day. Stay warm, suki!

  4. Patricia,
    The natural light is great. I have a bad habit of getting to my studio rather late in the day, though, so sometimes miss the best of it. I've got some fluorescent lights installed that are so bright that when I have them on at night, from the outside, the place looks like we're running a grow-op!
    So far the police haven't come to investigate.