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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Maxim of the Week

On her excursions into town to buy supplies for the convent,
Sister Prudenzia often found herself lusting after forbidden fruit.
Get thee to a nunnery.

(Artist's note:  not really a maxim, but one of those Shakespeare quotes that falls easily from the lips, like crumbs from a French loaf 
upon a checkered tablecloth)



  1. I have many nuns in my Italian immigrant family. I remember one asked me if it was easy to meet men. I said yes, it's easy to meet men, but it's hard to meet the Right Man. Sometimes forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest!

  2. Stickup,
    Nuns in the family! Rather like the opposite of having skeletons in the closet.

    So you have Italian roots as well? I have an Italian/British combo (grandparents) so I run hot and cold.

    Forbidden fruit can, indeed, taste the sweetest, but it can also leave a bitter taste in one's mouth. Or so I've heard.