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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just for Fun

Okay, I admit it--I haven't been that productive lately.  Not in the "get my hands dirty and slap paint around" kind of way.  I've had 2 weeks of sublime laziness, enjoying the high temperatures and my husband's absence (oops!  did I say that out loud?).  But I like to have something to post here midweek so I got to fooling around with some digital collaging.

I scanned this paper collage that has been sitting on my desk for weeks...

then digitally incorporated an image of a Waterhouse painting, Saint Cecilia, into it.

                                         ©2010 L.Ciacco, Collage Riff on Waterhouse Painting, paper & digital  collage

And several hours of tempering and tampering later, this is what emerged.
It's part of a collage challenge that I recently discovered online and thought might be fun to participate in from time to time. If you're interested in joining in, check out Collage Obsession.  You don't have to be digitally inclined to join in.

And here are two other small "Mind Map" collages that have been gathering dust on my desk

(Uh-oh!  "Hub" is back from his travels and has just walked in and exclaimed, "Still in your pyjamas?!"  Guess the holiday's over.)



  1. hello lynne - let me just begin by saying how i love your work! absolutely love it!!! i've come by a few times, wandering over from the warden's kitchen, and thought i'd already begun formally following along here, but today did not find me among your peepers so, clicked again - in any event, your work speaks to my own heart and sense of beauty - while a painter and writer at heart, of late, my focus has been more on my poetry than on my canvasses - again, love your work! and i'll be back regularly - have a glorious day!

  2. Gypsywoman,
    Your kind and generous comments have warmed my heart. I am so glad you trailed over here from the warden's kitchen (he certainly cooks up some mouth-watering dishes--and with such wit for seasonings). I couldn't help but notice your presence there (must be your Leo nature shining through) and am happy that we've connected at last in my comment box. I will be happy to dance around the fire over at your gypsy camp while listening to your poetry.

  3. Good to see you're staying out of trouble while your hubby is away! All kidding aside, I too love collage. What a great idea to team up with the computer! The two mediums seem incompatible at first, but then are really quite similar in the building process. I often wonder what the likes of Dali, Warhol, Picasso would have made of the computer. I love the way you blended in the woman and tinted it giving this piece an older, softer, dreamlike quality. Beautiful muted hues of greens, plums and creams.

  4. well, dear lady, let me first just comment that you must be hearing me LOL LOL all the way from here on the east coast, in response to your comment above! and listen, i can't even get started on the warden! it's only noon and i've a long arduous day ahead of me and should i get distracted by his, well, you know, by his, uh, presence, then i shall not accomplish anything further today - he does have such a delicious tongue, that one!!! ;) ok, that out of the way, i am so happy to have come across you and look forward to the visual feasts you prepare for us here - your work, as i said before, strikes such a chord with me - when i look at it, i hear voices speaking through it - just lovely - it will be such fun to have you round by the campfire, swirlin' skirts and all! have a great day!

  5. Stickup Artist,
    It would be fun to see some of your collages some time! If they're as good as your photography skills and your graphic designs they should be great!

    What an interesting idea to ponder how Picasso and others may have adapted to Photoshop as a creative tool. I'm finding a lot of painters don't have much to do with computers at all. I'm afraid I've been overdoing the whole computer thing of late and feel like I've burned my eyeballs out so may have to take a rest from it for awhile. I find playing with images in Photoshop absolutely addictive. Thanks for your comments about the blending and colour muting--you're so observant! Guess that's why you're make such good photos.

  6. Gypsywoman,
    Swirling skirts and bells on my toes! Mind if I bring a tambourine?

  7. Planet Susannia,
    Thank you so much! It's great to meet up with another participant in the collage obsession challenge.

  8. This is a great post...I love what you did with your collage...adding the imagery and making the whole piece sing!
    My sweetie is leaving Monday for four days...I bought food so I am in the studio...missing him of course!

  9. Blue Sky,
    A good supply of food and uninterrupted time in the studio sounds spendidly self-indulgent. And you know what they say about absence... (but it's not yet time for the maxim of the week). Enjoy!

    I'm glad you enjoyed my glueless collage.