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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Healing Ceremony

This intriguing little tableau emerged from some laid-down textures that I covered with acrylic paint.

©L.Ciacco,  Healing Ceremony.  Acrylic/mixed media on cradled panel, 10 x 10 inches.

I just never know what's going to pop out of my canvasses these days. 
Kind of like flying by the seat of my pants. 
But it all makes for some interesting discoveries. 
This one reminds me of dreams one can't quite remember;
dreams of helpers gathered round. 
I 'm not sure here just who is the one dreaming and/or being healed. 
I hope it's me--
or maybe it's you?


  1. I want to be that person, she appears to be well cared for, and she is still alive. This looks like our friend who died and we gathered around her for a three day/night vigil, prepped her, kept her on ice- and then let her go. It was lovely-
    The textures of your painting are wonderful, as always. Very cool!

  2. may we all be healed by this lovely painting. that's me perhaps up on the right with the white hair. blessed be, suki

  3. I am struck by the shapes of color created by the dresses and the hair individually and as a whole like a flowing puzzle. All the pieces just fit. Beautifully proportioned and composed the whole tableau just flows.

  4. Linda Sue,
    It sounds like you gave a very precious gift to your friend at her parting. I would wish to have loving souls around me to help ease my way; I fear that I will not. Maybe this painting is an expression of that yearning for community...not necessarily at death but in life.

  5. Sukipoet,
    Sometimes looking at a piece of art can bring a sense of healing or well-being or connection with something deep inside. As an artist, I couldn't hope for anything better than providing such an experience for a viewer. I like it that you found yourself in the tableau.

  6. Stickup Artist,
    I think you would make a terrific art critic! I do like your analogy of the puzzle pieces fitting and flowing together, and the dresses as shapes of colour. Your words give me a new, more abstract perspective on the painting.

  7. Wonderful...I so like that you don't know what's going to pop out of your canvas...the surprise is the best. This piece is worth watching for some a dream it has images that fit perfectly in an unusually perfect way...I like the detail...the bird is lovely!

  8. Blue Sky
    I'm glad you're enjoying these surprises that pop out of my canvasses. Vignettes, people, dreams, all a little skewed and obviously coming somewhere just left of our usual centre seem to be the theme...if there is a theme. I'm finding it a real challenge to be working without the net of a theme, motif, subject...other seeing what happens.