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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flitting About

I posted this colourful little being on my Décolleté blog awhile back, but she wanted to make an appearance over here as well. 

©2010 L. Ciacco,  Flower Fairy. Original digital photo with Photoshop CS2 apps.

For other versions of this vision, flit here.

Also, if you're at all curious about where I live and what it looks at this point in the summer, take a wander over to my yard.  I'd love to have you visit!


  1. Adorable this pixie who can flit through time and space!

  2. adorable fairy. like your new header too. I jumped over to your other blog and took a trip through your yard. wonderful.

  3. Hi Patricia,
    Isn't she sweet? I was so tickled when she emerged from Photoshopland.

    I think we bloggers are just about as gifted in the ability to flit through time and space as we visit each other's blogs. Magic!

    My WV is "stersera" -- as in "stersera sera" I reckon.

  4. Hi Suki,
    I'm so pleased you noticed the variant of my header. It's not quite new, just "tweaked" (only a matter of an hour or so of teeth-gnashing to get it so).

    I'm very happy, too, that you wandered over to have a little visit in the garden.

    I just had a quick dash over to see if you were back and I'm sorry to find that you're under some stress. And so sad about Miss Emily, too. Will leave a note under your mat.

  5. It's totally beautiful but those wings are beyond beautiful!

  6. Blue Sky,
    Those wings are the result of one of those nice surprises/happy accidents/let's see what this will do in Photoshop kind of thing. I guess that's why I love noodling around with that program. The pattern in the wings is actually from a close-up of a detail in one of my Calabria Series paintngs. Just don't ask me how I did it!

  7. Such a striking image and fun to see the original it came from. And your house and garden are to die for!

  8. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for visiting my house and garden, and checking out this little fairy's humble beginnings. I enjoyed sharing where I was coming from, so to speak, both in my digital meanderings and on the home front.