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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maxim of the Week

With her skirt caught up in a sudden gust of wind, Maisie had a
 "Marilyn Monroe moment."
Always put on clean underwear before you go out.


  1. Perhaps one should also avoid going out with a Kennedy?

  2. Hi Lynne, Thanks for stopping by recently; I'm trying to make some of the rounds too. I really like how your made your business cards by making a large piece and cutting it up. I think it's great to show people on your cards what your work is about and this sounds perfect for your work. I always think when I look at the jpegs that I really want to touch them :-)

  3. Saj,
    So wise for one so inebriated!

  4. Bill,
    I hope you have a good product for cleaning your computer screen!