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Monday, February 22, 2010

I'd Rather be Photoshopping

I recently engaged in a month-long, online Photoshop workshop and, since then, I have been slightly obsessive about playing with my photos. For example, I did 3 different versions of one picture that I took today.

Being a bit more than fed up with winter, I decided I'd add a bit of colour to an otherwise pretty monochromatic scene.

In this version I was going for an older, grungier look.

And then night fell, as it tends to do with alarming regularity.

Speaking of "alarming," things got downright spooky!

If you'd like to see the original photo you can see it over at Decollété.


  1. Too cool, love them all... long live photoshop ! But who is that ghostly native american looking child there ? ghosts from distant pre-arcadian past ???

  2. Hey, Browen, nice to see you slumming in my studio! The little "Arcadian" (I suppose you mean Acadian?) girl is a sickly little creature I surreptitiously photographed at the market last weekend. She was holding her father's hand and looked like she should be home in bed with a hot water bottle at her feet, being spoon fed a big bowl of poutine râpée.

    Thanks for stopping by. Would you like some wine and cheese?

  3. I love them all,they really,really great +]

  4. These would make a nice set of prints if framed together. I like them all.

  5. Hi Marinela,
    Thanks for coming by my studio. I'm happy to hear you like my Photoshopped barns. I took a visit over to your blog and it is quite delightful! Very nice to meet you.

  6. Hi Joyce,
    That's a pretty interesting idea, framing these together as a set of prints. Truth to tell, I haven't tried printing out any of the "creations" I've come up since DJ's workshop. Have you?

  7. These are fabulous. Each one sends a different emotional feel.

  8. Sukipoet,
    I appreciate you pointing to the emotions that these images provoke in the viewer. I hadn't thought about that, being so focused on the colours and effects. It must have something to do with your poetic soul.

  9. It is addicting, isn't it? Great effects her-- It's amazing how much the mood of one photo can shift.

  10. Hi Robin,
    I'm glad you stopped by as I'd inadvertently lost my link to your blog when I was cleaning up this site.

    These days I'm using all my willpower to stay out of Photoshop as I'm usually lost for hours when I open up that floodgate. I've got a deadline set for getting work done in my studio instead. Wish me luck!