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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maxim of the Week

When his cat rode on his lap while he was cutting the grass, Don preferred to use the Snail Speed on his ride-on lawn mower.
Make haste slowly.


  1. Ol' Lucky loved the ride.
    After mowin' the lawn we took the ride-on to the garden and scored a 10lb. zucchini. Then up the big hill, like the friendly giant, way up! Way, way up the hill to "Lynny the baker" and miraculously moist muffins appeared on the doorstep the next morning. Lucky stuck to his guns and had a mouse/mole/catnip compote but the rest of us ate the muffins with some mint tea and huge smiles and pondered what will be...and what will be, will a tree, a tree?

  2. Donald, I can't help but ponder what other green elements went into those muffinks! Or perhaps it was the tea? Don't tell me you tried Lucky's compote on the baked goods!

    When is a door not a door?
    When it is ajar!

  3. I love it. I have a friend who rides her bike to work every day and her cat, Jasper, rides in the basket. He wears a hat and is so cool.

  4. years ago I had a sign over my desk "The hurrieder I go the behinder I get", it had a turtle from memory...

  5. Hi Karen, That is too funny about Jasper the Cat with a Hat! Is it a little crash helmet? Could be a great cartoon.

  6. Hey Saj, There you go, worrying about your behind again! Don't worry--it looks great with that turtle.

  7. Anonymous9/11/2009

    ''Hâte toi lentement''

    ''Y a pas le feu au lac''


  8. C'est bien beau d'avoir des traductions de ces trucs! Merci!