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Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Anticipation of Canada Day

Richard and his dog, Rocket, proudly salute the flag on Canada Day.
Stand up and be counted.


  1. Richard is giving a four finger salute. The "three fnger salute" results in a soft reboot. What is Richard hoping for in his country this July 1st?

  2. Driftwood & Turtles6/29/2009

    Is it possible that Richard & Rocket are Rocket Richard fans?

  3. Dear Fart: Richard is hoping that the Government of Canada revamps its traditional one-fingered salute to its citizenry.

    Dear Drifter: In fact, this little duo was named in memory of a Canada Day I spent in Ottawa where I was bemused by a sculpture I saw of Rocket Richard. (There was no sculpted dog, but I imagine that many a pooch had raised a leg to the Rocket in their own salutatorical way).

  4. Captain Canada has some serious competition! All hail the Rideau Canal...

  5. At least the Trudeau one-fingered salute was an honest statement which is more honourable than a big smile and a bold-faced lie, which is the standard fare from most politicians. The sheep gobble it up like organic kibble.
    In a country where Habitant is pea soup and arguably the most revered hockey team of all time, a little middle finger is somewhat refreshing...RIP P.E.T.

  6. Mmmmm...Habitant Pea Soup! The best.