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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spontaneous Combustion

C. sent me a mother's day card which was nice, but what was really exciting about it was the Jack Bush stamp on the envelope. Right away I thought I'd use it to make art of my own, with a nod to Jette Clover (imitation is the highest form of praise??). Just a few minutes ago, I dashed to my studio, yanked some fabric from the shelf, ripped it up, voilà! Not going to overthink it. Unfortunately, not even going to finish it at this point. Another piece thrown on the scrap heap to await my ministrations! But, man, was it satisfying to let that creative fire flare. (BTW--the lime green ground is not part of the composition)


  1. One never knows which part of a gift will sing! :-)

  2. Quite so! As when little children prefer the box and wrapping to the the expensive toy that comes in it. ;-}