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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pandora's Cupboard

Last weekend I made the mistake of opening up the cupboard doors to my main fabric stash with the intention of cleaning it out, letting go of pieces that had been lingering for years (yes, years), releasing old ideas for projects that will never come to be. What happened? I unleashed a whole new horde of possibilities for it all. I think I need an intervention here! Moral?--artists should never clean up! Or they should have bag ladies for friends to cart it all away.


  1. I feel for you!
    I get this feeling when I open my photo file folders or notebook with "ideas for ... " - oh drats. At least, with the pictures, it is mostly the want to go back and do them well the second time around (my pictures are practically snapshots because I do them "on the side" - I dream of one day going and and composing that one perfect one. *laugh*).

    Good luck to you!

    I think there is something about an artistic mind that it remains forever hopeful. Hopeful to one day there will be the time and possibility to start and to finish that certain project. Without that hope, how can an artist exist? Utter despair.

  2. Yes! I love what you say about hope and the artistic mind. I've been wondering what that little beam of light was that I've noticed shining through the darkness. :-}

  3. Anonymous4/19/2009

    That "beam" was the light you left
    on in your closet.

  4. Yeah, as in "beam me up, Scotty!"