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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maxim of the Week

In the latter years of her life, Mrs. Katz never went out without her fox fur wrap.
Go out in style.


  1. My gramma had one of those fox wraps. I remember that it had little beady eyes. I was petrified of the little critter.
    But now that I'm all grown up-or should I say old-I wish I owned one.Can you picture me walking down Main St wearing one of those...NO!!!

  2. My grandmother had one too. I was fascinated by the claw teeth it had that you could make it bite its own tale with.

  3. She remembers when wearing real fur was a fox paw, not a faux pas.

  4. Yes, the old gal's crazy like a fox, if not quite the foxy lady she once was.