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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Art Therapy

The Big Picture (30x22in.): This work on paper began with cut-up bits from a Robert Bateman calendar and progressed very quickly, spontaneously, intuitively. Is it a satisfying piece of art on the whole? It satisfied a need for a pent-up energy release that has been brewing within me for some time. The need to engage with paint, to let loose, to free myself of the Inner Critic.

Below are sections from the whole, which I find interesting little compositions in themselves.




Midnight Train



  1. This "Big Picture" has a surprisingly "Quiet Sound" - that of walking along a river bank on a sunny winter's day. Cool breeze, crunch of the snow underfoot, swishing of the nylon jacket. It also carries the feeling - warmth on the inside and coolness on the face and fingers.

    Lovely ~ Thank you.

  2. Does this mean that I secretly like winter?

    Thanks for your comments. I love reading your impressions.