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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Shocking News

Just when you least expect it, stuff happens. In spite of the fact that I have probably hundreds of possible creations brewing in the cupboards, drawers, baskets, bins, and all available flat surfaces in my studio, I find I have signed on for a 10 month program in Office Administration. Go figure! I sometimes think I am living my life in reverse. While most people crave the seeming freedom of creative self-expression, I am seeking a little more structure and discipline, not to mention marketable skills, in my life. Hopefully it will spill over into my artmaking somewhere down the road. Meanwhile, I'm off on a quick trip to Montreal to kick up my heels with my daughter before I head off to school next Monday. Stay tuned to see how I manage to balance Basic Accounting with Advanced Collage. But no matter what--the Maxim of the Week will continue!


  1. Welcome fellow student! You must now come up with a wonderful way to describe your program. Mine is: RT school sucks and blows

  2. Driftwood & Turtles9/10/2007

    May you be the last word in Word, excel in Excel and, most important of all, have a damn good time.

    All the best ~


  3. Thanks for the advice Em. My school motto will be: "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need." (followed by a lot of Rolling Stone "hoo-hoo" sounds.)

  4. D&T--thanks for the best wishes and punnorific advice. Now go make some blog entries on your site so I can comment!