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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taking Care of Business?

I recently made a whole whack  of "business" cards for myself.  They're pretty much the equivalent of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) except that I'm not necessarily trading them with anyone.  Just randomly handing them out whenever anyone I meet shows interest in finding out about what sort of art I make.   Each one is a miniature work of art in itself.

To illustrate (pardon the pun) my point, I framed a few in picnik (online free digital applications--way too much fun!)  Normally I'd frame a piece of art like this in a black frame, which I did first in picnic, only to realize that it won't show up on a black background (duh!)

Being a person who hates seeing good paper go to waste, I tore up a few old calendars I'd been hoarding treasuring, along with other paper scraps of  failed watercolours, paper towels I'd used to clean my brushes, as well as candy wrappers given to me by a friend and glued them all onto a sheet of 22 x 30 inch watercolour paper. 

This seemed like a wonderful idea at first, but after several gluey hours, I must admit it got a bit tedious.  Nevertheless, once the sheet was finally filled, I was pretty happy with the result.  Even though everything was all glued down with fluid matte medium I gave the entire sheet another coat of it to make sure nothing would flake or tear off.

I drew the cutting lines on the back of the paper so that each card would be 3.5 x 2.5 inches.  I didn't know how any one of them would look until they were all cut out.  Each was a delightful surprise.  To further embellish them, I applied a stamp or two, as well as some scribbled crayon marks to emphasize the texture.  The intention is to hand print my website address on the back.

Big fun on a small scale!


  1. these are great and I like the idea of making a large picture and cutting it up. I have made my own business cards for years. I think handmade cards are distinctive.

  2. I'm with you, Suki. Handmade cards are like little treasures. I'm always greedy to grab one or two whenever anyone is handing them out or leaves them for the taking. Even a small handmade business card could look enchanting in a mat and frame. I tend to tape them into a book of blank pages, though. Always fun to flip back through and recall places and events.

  3. These are incredibly colorful, beautiful and interesting. WOW! Found you on Clytie's Trash art page.

  4. Thank you , Beth. It's very pleasing to make your acquaintance. I wonder sometimes at the connections that are made in one's life, and their underlying purposes.

  5. Cool idea! Hope you think it's a compliment if I borrow the idea. I'm sure my collages will be quite different.

  6. Hi Joyce,
    I was just thinking of you today! Of course I'd be pleased if you used this idea to make your own version of collaged cards. Have at it and enjoy!