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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art Card

I sometimes make cards, either collaged, or printed from my computer.  I usually make them on watercolour paper that I buy packaged as pre-formed cards with matching envelopes.  I find the texture of the paper lends a pleasing depth to the image and makes it look like an original piece of art.  Recently I made this digital composition for a Mother's Day card.

It's composed of a photo of an orchid on display in a plant store overlaid with a sample from one of my Calabria Series paintings, then tweaked and twirled a bit more in Photoshop.  I'm happy to say that my mother liked it well enough to put it in a frame. 

I hope to eventually set up an online shop where I'll sell my cards and maybe other forms of my art work.  Meanwhile, I have to save up for a better printer that I won't have to fight with to get it to print on heavier paper.  Ah, the trials and tribulations of the digital age!  Where we would be without them...not here reading each others' blogs at any rate. 


  1. a lovely card and you are talented with photoshop. fun. i have made cards for years and years all sorts of ways. many many cards which really were little originals, ie: I glued the materials directly on the card. of course, i made little money vs time spent on those cards but i love doing in or did love.

  2. This is a beautiful image...the photoshop and you do wonders!

  3. Hi Suki,
    So often with making art the process is its own reward. Though it is nice to get some financial encouragement from time to time as well! It's great these days how each little original piece of art can be scanned and saved, either to look back on or to print out to recycle as another form of art. Funny how our tastes and interests change over time (you used to love card making). I used to love rug-hooking but haven't touched it for several years now.

  4. Blue Sky:
    Thanks so much. I'm really still feeling my way around Photoshop and experimenting with it every time I play with an image. I guess that's an undertaking that could take a lifetime (esp. this far along in life!) It's great to receive encouragement and appreciation for my experiments.