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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tartuffo is a wonderful gelato involving different combinations of chocolate, cocoa powder, chocolate sauce, chocolate get the idea. It is a specialty of one of my favourite Calabrian towns, Pizzo. Each gelateria--and there are many-- in the town square has its own spin on making a Tartuffo. My spin on my experience of Pizzo is partially captured in this large, 48 x 36 inch painting.

This composition, like the others in my Calabria Series, began with fabrics and photo transfers.  I really liked it as a textile piece and deliberated for a long while whether I should simply present it as such.  I had thought I would stitch it to a linen support and then stretch it like a canvas.  In the end, I decided that as I am a painter rather than a textile artist, I should glue it to a canvas and use it as the basis for a painting.  I added more fabric elements to the original composition in order for it to fit the large canvas I had on hand in my studio.  Waste not want not!

If you look closely, you will see an elderly signora gazing out the window of her apartamento to the square below, where a small family of Canadiensi are seated at a gelateria,  savouring their first ever taste of Tartuffo.


  1. This one is my favorite. The old woman! Oh, my. Lovely. The colors are chocolatey along with the title. Drove me to the freezer for my mint choc. chip ice cream.
    Eat, drink and be merry because all too soon we will be that old woman.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!!
    Your best work EVER!
    I like it as a textile piece, but the addition of color and other elements changes the whole "feel" of the piece. The lace gives it a soft, romantic look that I just love.
    If I had a million know the rest.

  3. Yes, we should live so long! (said in a Brooklyn accent)

    Thanks, Susan. I'm happy you like it so much. I must admit a particular fondness for it myself. I feel reassured now about having "put the paint to it" (as my neighbour would say).

    But don't blame me for that extra 5pounds you've put on since looking at my painting!

  4. Jacqueline, Hi!
    Dammit--why aren't you rich!
    heh heh. Just kidding.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence re:painting vs textile. I figure it's best to stick to doing what one does best...or has done the longest? At least at this stage in life.

    You'll have to come over and see the real deal! It's even nicer in person (like me?)

    À bientôt!?

  5. At first reading...I was so hungry for something chocolate!ha
    I am amazed at the size...this must be stunning to see the texture, images...a true story told in such a beautiful way. The combination of paint and textiles is working!

  6. Thank you, Blue Sky. I wish I had installed a "Buy Chocolate Here Now" button when I posted this painting!

    It was fun working large for a change. I find the painting works if the original fabric/photo composition is strong to begin with.

    I now have 6 small canvasses that I have to complete within the next 2 weeks. I think a stash of chocolate may be required to get me through!