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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another one for the Calabria Series.  For a change, I used a figure rather than only architectural features.  This was a lady I viewed from an upstairs window as she was leaving the Saturday market with a big box of groceries on her head.  The photo in the upper left is a shop closed up for the noontime rest.  I wanted to keep the colours very muted, old, faded, and yet still rich, while showing up the crumbling textures of the buildings and the patina of centuries' worth of daily living.


  1. You accomplished...the colors muted and that time worn look. I especially like that upper left corner and think of the lovely noontime rest!

  2. Hi Blue Sky (or High Blue Sky?)
    Yes, the lovely noon time rest...unles one is a late riser like mmyself and never quite makes it out in time before the stores are closed to get in the groceries to make lunch!