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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don't know why, but this painting reminds me of a wedding cake.  I hope the "prison bars" don't have anything to do with this impression!  Help yourself to a piece:

Here's a list of the ingredients, in reverse order:

To tell you the truth, when I was sorting back through my photos of the stages of this painting, I wasn't sure that this was the fabric collage that I had started with.  I guess I surprised even myself with where I took it.  At some point, I found myself compelled to add a bright green around the edge of the canvas. I covered it over with a deep blue wash, but it took the tone of the painting in a whole other direction.


  1. Me Too! There is a level of layers and the lace leads to a feeling of a wedding cake...just beautiful in all the details.

  2. Blue Sky,
    Thanks for dropping by for a slice! I'm glad the icing wasn't too rich for you.

  3. yum. it looks to me like you must have turned it since the first version as the diamond patterned cloth is later at the top. I love the way the paint brings out the diamond shapes. just so amazing what you do with a simple beginning.

  4. Hi sukipoet,
    You're right, I did turn it from its original intended direction. I felt that I needed to add another horizontally oriented canvas to the "collection" as the portrait shaped ones were beginning to take over the series. I'm glad you like the diamond patterning. The first time I used that fabric in a collage I was a bit intimidated by it. It took me a while to learn how to tame it.

  5. I've done this same thing when looking over process photos of paintings--not sure if I even have the right painting. I take that as a good sign of plunging into experimentation!

  6. I agree that the diamond texture adds something unique to the structure of this composition. Very nice.

  7. Hi Robin,
    I am relieved to agree with you that not recognizing where a painting came from is a good sign of having plunged into experimentation rather than senility!

  8. Thanks, Bill. I'm almost out of that diamond patterned fabric. I originally bought it years ago to make the tails for a series of mermaid dolls I was sewing. Waste not want not.

  9. And the end result is bluetiful, just bluetiful... Why don't I get over to this side more often ???

    I swear, I have some kind of unconscious block when people have more than one blog, and I know they do, but I tend to always go to the same one... I think you've been to Jill's blog in Pennsylvania, Excessively Thoughtful Chewing, but she has another one called Inkspots and Erasures, which is lots of fun, and I just went there today for the first time in months...

    Something wrong with my overtaxed brain. Am going back to listen to Violet again... it's not a baaaaad world... it's not a baaaaaad world...

  10. BrOwen,
    Hardly any point to answer you here as you will doubtlessly again forget that the place exists! But I see it's taken me 2 days to get over here myself, to find your comment. I actually have 4 blogs...but one is just for me and I never go there.
    It's not a baaaaaaaaad world, brother. I'm just a bit blogged-down.