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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I finished this painting a couple of weeks ago but have been negligent in getting it posted to share. 

Pizzo Corner

Shall we stroll backwards through the steps showing how I got to this particular place?

This was the penultimate state.  It seemed a bit flat so I added a picture of a statue, plus some lacy bits from an old curtain.  It 's a bit too "grapey" in tone for my taste, though.

Here I begin to "grunge" it up a bit.

Just getting on the background paint.  Nice colours, but too bright.

Fabric glued to canvas with photos (on cardstock) added.  I finally gave up on finding a decent brand of transparency to replace the Staples product (no longer available) as the results from the substitute product  were far from satisfactory, leaving half of the ink on the transparency and producing only a faint image on the muslin.  I've printed on both matte photo paper and card stock and one seems as good as the other.  I cover them with a good coat of acrylic medium so that I can paint on them to blend the image into the composition. 
Any questions?

And this is where it started. 
(Well actually, it started a few posts down on December 3rd, I'm a bit embarrassed to say!)

Ah well, good things come to those who wait.


  1. Oh, I so like seeing your whole process, it's just wonderful where it leads. (beautiful work).

  2. I saw your name in my comments and realized I'm overdue for a return trip over here. What a treat! I love the series of this latest piece, in all the stages. It's fascinating to see your decisions along the way. I remember the start of this and could not have been more surprised where you took it. Very nice!!

  3. Thanks for the ride...each photo was a great inside view of your process...I like the way you finished this piece, adding just enough color to give depth. I use matte photo paper too.
    Mary Ann

  4. fascinating to see the transformations you create. I am also impressed that you take the time to photograph, and remember to photograph, various stages. I usually remember after I've finished. :)

  5. It's so cool to watch this develop. I especially love seeing the transformation of that black lace! I can see where all your new photoshop skills are going to work in very nicely with your pieces!

  6. Hi JafaBrit,
    The feeling is mutual!

  7. Hi Bill,
    That makes two of us who couldn't be more surprised at where I took this piece. It was a bit of a slog, but at some point, everything clicked in and I was suddenly gliding on automatic pilot! Nice when that happens.

  8. Hi Mary Ann,
    Thanks for coming along for the ride. I enjoy the cruise over at your place as well. Using matte photo paper sure opens up lots of avenues for incorporating images into collage work, doesn't it.

  9. Hi Suki P.,
    Getting such appreciative comments, such as yours, on my blog about how much people enjoy seeing my process has really inspired me to remember to take photos. Though the effort to process the photos and get them posted is a little lax, I must admit. :-)

  10. Hi Robin,
    I spent the whole day working on a Photoshop composition. I doubt I'll ever do anything with it, other than put it up on the workshop site...but you never know. I agree with you--there's a lot of possibilities for using them somehow in my mixed media pieces. Time will tell. I hope you're having fun and learning lots. I have trouble understanding the instructions so ad-lib a lot!

  11. I love the documentation of your process so much because as an artist, I enjoy each act and deliberation. It makes viewing participatory! Beautiful work.

  12. Hi Patricia,
    It's so gratifying to get feedback from fellow artists. I'm glad that you enjoy going through the process with me. I leave out all the bits of sitting on a chair and just staring at the thing, though.

  13. "Any questions?" Yes, I have one- may I come and live with you, inside your head for say oh, about 3 months? I so love what you do and am totally mystified! Your final work is incredible! LOVE love LOVE!

  14. Linda Sue,
    I don't think you'd be all that comfortable inside my head! It's a bit messy and muddled, and it just won't shut up.

    Honestly, I'm not too sure how I arrive at the places I do with this series. It's a continual experiment. I think it's a case of learning to trust the process and my instincts (30 years of art dabbling has to have some benefits!)

    Thank you so much for the great compliment. :-D

  15. I actually like the bright one, step 2 because I like color; but the final product has such feel to it.

    Very nice.

    I'll open a bottle of wine and we'll meet at the corner.


  16. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for dropping in with your suitcase in tow. Nice that you brought a bottle of wine in it.
    I like colour, too, but am trying to keep things muted with this series to reflect the age worn feeling of the old Italian buildings.